Thank you for your interest in our markets! Before you apply, please read over the rules and make sure your product is in compliance. Admission to the Market is at the discretion of the market administration and based on the following criteria:

1. The market is limited to bona fide farmers/growers/ producers in the State or their agents. Producers must be in full control of production of all products. An agent is someone employed by the grower or their representative.

2. Farmers may be asked to obtain a letter from the County Extension Agent certifying their status as a grower.

3. Farmers and all vendors are expected to cooperate in any unannounced inspection by the market administration team.

4. Non-farm goods are permitted at the sole discretion of the market and must be produced by the vendor with preference given to producers within 150 miles of market location. Proof of production is required. Resale of products is allowed

for special events/ circumstances. 

5. Reminders: Any new product not on your original market application must be approve prior to selling. Any sub-leasing agreements must be approved and be added in writing to original application once approved. 

6. FEES.

NEW PRODUCER VENDORS: 1st market day FREE (does not include special event market days). 2nd market day booth fee will be charged at annual rate. On 3rd market day, vendor signs contract selecting a term: drop-in, 12-week new vendor, or annual. $100.00 annual fee due at 3rd market day.

NON-PRODUCER VENDORS (VENDORS SELLING A SERVICE/ ADVERTISER BOOTHS): 1st 3 market days $40.00 each. After 3 market days $100.00 annual fee is due. 

RENEWING VENDORS $100.00 annual fee due by January 5. Contract due by end of 1st week in January. Late fee $25.00.



Producers: Drop-In $40.00/ 12-week $35.00/ Annual $30.00


No fee (annual dues must be paid to attend)


2017 $10.00/ day

2018 Drop-In $25.00/ 12-week $20.00/ Annual $15.00​


Year-Round, Rain or Shine - Closed on Thanksgiving Day, New Years 1/1, & Christmas 12/25


Sundays, 12 Noon - 3 PM 3620 E Whitestone Blvd. 

Wednesdays, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM 3620 E Whitestone Blvd.

Thursdays, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM 900 N Austin Ave. Republic Square Shopping Center 


Saturdays, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

201 University Oaks Blvd. (Behind IKEA)


a) Set-up must be completed 30 minutes prior to market open times. Tardy vendors may be denied access to the market to protect the safety of customers. Take-down not allowed prior to market closing times. Vendors pitch in to assist neighboring vendors in putting up/ taking down of tents.

b) Each vendor is allowed (1) one 10'X10' tent with straight legs (unless otherwise contracted). 30 lb. weights per leg must be available for tent legs. Back tent legs can be either weighted down with 30 lb. weights per leg or secured to vehicle. In the event of high winds, manager may request tents be taken down for safety.

c) Parking spots are assigned by a first-come first-served basis with NO GAPS allowed between tents except for walkways.

d) Vendors may not park vehicles on the grass or sidewalks at any time for any reason. Vendors will park their vehicles at the discretion of the Market Manager & as assigned in special cases of large vehicles. Vendors and their employees are expected to comply with all applicable vehicle and traffic laws. Vendors may not under any circumstance park or unload in fire lanes and any restricted areas. Vehicles of any sort may not block a roadway at any time.  Turn off engines when loading or unloading. No produce, product, or empty containers may be stored in or on any public highway, roadway, thorough-fare, or sidewalk. Removal or movement of barricades and cones surrounding the market is not allowed. Spaces are assigned by the Market Manager. Spaces may be changed at the discretion of the Market Manager as deemed necessary without input from any vendor.  

8) Each vendor is responsible to have their own trash receptacles. Trash or excess product must not be left at location and must be taken at time of departure. Vendor is also responsible for general housekeeping in and around their occupied space. Ensure all trash/ debris is cleaned prior to leaving. Ice and water brought to maintain product freshness may not be discarded on-site. 

9) Display must be within 10'X10' area. If additional space is required, additional fees will be assessed. All tables must be covered. Signs including sandwich boards, displays and personal property must remain within the confines of the vendor booth space.  Signs, banners, and displays should be maintained in good repair. Any signs or promotional materials not pertaining to the Farmer's Market or vendors' product must be approved by the Market Manager before time of display. Each vendor shall display a sign which states the vendor's name. Vendors must have product prices clearly displayed at all times.

10) We are year-round, rain or shine markets. Vendors should be prepared for all types of weather including cover for rain or sun and weights for winds. In the event No refunds or decrease in fees will be given because of inclement weather or lack of business due to the weather. Markets will be closed if market day falls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Day. In the event the Market is closed due to inclement weather or an unforeseen incident, the Market Manager will advise all vendors at what time the Market will be closing. If any vendor remains on the premises or operates on days that the market is closed, they do so at their own risk. Market will not accept responsibility for any liabilities after the market has closed. Any vendor who chooses to remain and operate on site against the direction of the Market Manager may be terminated from the Market.

11) Any vendor NOT attending the market must notify the Market Manager via call or text minimum 48-hours notice. Attendance is determined by contract with fees assessed accordingly for no shows. Space will be allocated by attendance with preference given to vendors contracted to attending 40 markets or more at a particular market. More than 2 absences without notification may result in loss of booth assignment and prepaid booth fees. Excessive (4+) absences with notification will be handled at the discretion of the market. If vendor fails to notify market manager of absence by noon the day prior to market day, vendor will be charged booth fee. 12-week vendors charged fee regardless of attendance.

12) No vendor may “sublet” any stall at any time for any purpose.

13) Booth sharing is allowed for an additional fee - see market manager for details. 

14) All markets are tobacco/ drug/ alcohol free zones. 


a) The farmer may only sell produce grown (or goods made) on his/her own farm. (Any producer who rents or is involved in a partnership or other contractual agreement must advise the market of such arrangement.)
The market selects prepared foods and baked goods that are original, of high quality and do not excessively duplicate foods already sold at market. To benefit consumers, no food vendor will have the exclusive right to sell any category of food product. The Market Manager may request removal of poor quality items.  

b) All necessary paperwork for relevant permits from city, county, state and federal permitting agencies required must be received, notarized as necessary and accepted by the Market Manager before a vendor may occupy a space and/or open. Reminder: Market Manager begins fee collection 1 hour prior market close.

c) New vendors selling prepared food are encouraged to use organic and ingredients from market vendors whenever seasonably possible.  Prepared food vendors may sample at their booth by providing packaged samples of their product from their commercial kitchen without a sampling permit from the City Health Department. All must follow Cottage Food Laws and Safe Handling Guidelines according to local and State Laws. Any fines received by any market will be paid by vendor responsible for non-compliance.  Failure to abide by sampling requirements may also result in the revocation of sampling privileges or expulsion from any market. Market is not responsible for product liability, fines, penalties or the paying of sales taxes for individual vendors. 

d) Prepared Food Vendors providing unpackaged samples may do so with appropriate City and County farmers’ market permit or if pre-packaged samples of their product are brought from their commercial kitchen no permit is required. Proof of proper licenses and insurance are required before being allowed to sell at any market. We strongly encourage biodegradable sampling utensils. 

e) Nursery Vendors must sell only cut flowers, potted plants, trees or nursery starts that are grown from seed, plug, cutting, bulb or bare-root by the seller. No resale of plants is allowed. 

16) All vendors must post or have in their possession when applicable:

- Signs clearly identifying family name and/or the name of their farm/business including the city, town or county where production occurs should be visible
- Organic Certification when promoting the produce/product as organic. Vendors using the term "organic" must be in compliance with the National Standards. 
- Sales Tax Permits  (Food items do not require tax permits.)
- Certificate of Registration for Weights and Measures where applicable.  
- All vendors selling by weight must use an approved commercial scale certified legal for legal trade by the Texas Department of Agriculture

17) FGMarket administration may set limits of duplication of products for sale. There is no guarantee of exclusive category for any vendor


a) Refer difficulty with customers or vendors directly to the Market Manager. Intoxication and other disruptive behaviors will result in vendor expulsion from the Market.

b) Vendors are responsible for the behavior of their employees and volunteers.

c) Vendors and their agents, employees and volunteers are expected to be courteous and honest in their business dealings at all times.

d) Public consumption of alcohol at the markets is prohibited with the exception of winery vendor samples if permissible by local laws.

e) Pets must be contained and kept on a leash.

f) Disputes between vendors/harassment of individuals of any kind are not permitted and will not be tolerated. If a complaint is not settled at the FGMarket between the vendors, or the vendors and the Market Manager, it must be submitted in writing to the Market Manager, whose decision will be final. Failure to comply with said decision shall subject the individual(s) involved to sanctions including suspension or exclusion from future participation in the market.

g) Concerns/complaints regarding rules, codes, laws, or personnel relating to the FGMarket in any manner must be directed to the Market Manager and pursued following the stated grievance process. Failure to do so may result in termination from the Market.

h) Vendors are prohibited from utilizing the vendor email list to send out group email. Notices and announcements will be sent out by the Market Management personnel exclusively.


a)  The Market Manager is responsible for enforcing all regulations and of resolving complaints between vendors.

b)  In the event of conflicts or refusal to comply with any specific directions or regulation, complaints must be directed, in writing to the Market Manager for review. The decision of the FGMarket is binding.

c)  Failure to comply with the decision of the FGMarket will result in termination.

d)  In the event a vendor has a grievance against another vendor, all efforts will be made to ensure confidentiality of both parties and to resolve the matter amicably and swiftly.

e) All grievances must be submitted in writing VIA EMAIL TO INFO@FARMERGEORGE.MARKKET.



(Please familiarize yourself with the information below)

Here is our process for new vendors:





  • Products are made/ grown in Texas by local farmers and producers
  • Natural/ healthy items from local sources is our focus
  • In compliance with certifications as required by law
  • Have basic insurance coverage for liability
  • Priority is given to producers within a 100 mile radius of Georgetown/ Round Rock/ Cedar Park/ Austin
  • Samples and photos of products need to be approved 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor!

Read through the market standards below then CLICK HERE