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Did you know that fruits and vegetables pack the most nutrition when they are ripe? Studies show that many nutrients are formed as the food ripens. But the moment they are picked, their sugars begin to convert to starch, their plant cells begin to shrink and their nutrients begin to diminish.

Local food doesn’t travel long distances. That means it can be ripened as nature intended and picked when itsnutritional value is highest.

Plus, local foods usually arrive at the farmers market within hours after harvest, so they retain most of their nutritional value and do not require gasses to keep them “fresh”.
​ - greenopedia.com

What to Buy at our Markets and Why.

All-New Oak Grove Hut Sausages Hit it BIG at the Round Rock Market!

Owner Ryan Pyka's 5-generation family recipe for authentic German sausages originated and perfected right here in the Texas Hill Country. Locally-sourced  and handmade from a beef and pork blend, Oak Grove Hut's original and jalapeno sausages are lean and juicy bursting with bold flavor. It is fast becoming a must-have at every cook-out. 

UT Study


In 2010, we lost about 7 of our 18 hives to starvation primarily. We believe this was due to the construction of a new large subdivision down the road from our small home farm which destroyed hundreds of acres of prime wildflower and mesquite trees that offered nectar/food for the bees. So we had to find a place to put many of our hives before we lost more. We didn’t have a good place nearby so we sold 8 hives to a new beekeeping friend in Burnet. In 2011, when we bought some farmland in Jarrell, it was a perfect place to put our bees. It was surrounded by wildflowers, forbs, mesquite trees, and most importantly no/minimal mowing and a stock tank that never ran dry. So we moved most of our hives to Jarrell and they have done beautifully with only a loss of two hives the following summer. From that time, it has taken us several years to recoup our hives and in 2017, we have over 50 hives and are working on expanding yearly.  We have kept a few of the hives at our  home in Georgetown to help them with feeding (sugar water) since that is the most we can keep alive with limited foraging

OH My! I was notified that my lotion sticks are more awesome than I thought!!! They actually work on dogs with dry black cracking skin pads! A client came back to my booth and told me that it worked on her dog when other stuff didn't. They are great since they are 100% natural oils that are NOT GREASY, WATERPROOF, and they come in a convenient roll-on. I also found out that my lip balm works better than others too. Someone was so excited after using my lip balm for a week, she ordered 10 and she also said nothing else worked! Take that... Burts Bees, Naked Bee and others ;-D There are 3 scents of the lotions sticks: Lemongrass, Lavender, and Sweet orange. Or I do have an Unscented one now. Come check it out at #roundrockfarmersmarket or on facebook #exleysbees..

Exley's Honeybees

Paul Exley, Georgetown Bee Farmer

Grass-fed beef
Buying local beef is important because animals raised entirely on grass produce 8 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions and 30 percent lower ammonia levels than corn-fed animals raised in confinement.

Anything Organic
How your food is grown is what matters most. Our farmers practice organic and natural farming methods versus the greenhouse-gas-intensive fertilizers and pesticides used on chemical farms.

51% of the asparagus in the US is imported from Peru. The USDA requires all shipments of fresh asparagus from Peru to be fumigated with the dangerous pesticide methyl bromide, a neurotoxic chemical suspected of causing cancer. 

Buying local strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries help conserve energy. Because of the short shelf lives, berries are often shipped from farm to distribution center via air freight, the most fossil-fuel-guzzling form of food shipment, from South America, Mexico, Canada, and even as far off as Poland. The United States imports $220 million worth of strawberries, while selling just $1.5 million worth of domestically grown berries.

You’ll carrots in every hue, from purple to white, at our farmers markets. Those colorful varieties, particularly purple carrots, have higher antioxidant values than commercially grown orange carrots, according to a study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. They’re also better for the planet. The energy required to store carrots when they’re out of season or being shipped long distances accounts for 60 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions associated with carrot production.

Bland, mealy grocery-store tomato will never rival a fresh Georgetown Farmers Market tomato. And there are more benefits to local tomatoes than just taste. In Florida, where a third of the country’s fresh tomatoes are grown, slavery of illegal immigrants on tomato farms is a persistent problem. And farmers in that state apply five times as much fungicide and six times as much pesticide as farmers in California, which supplies another third of the country’s fresh tomatoes.

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