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Local Members

We are a growers market consisting of members that grow and sell their produce or product located within Texas. We occasionally have specialty vendors that may bring in some seasonal products for special events. Visiting the markets gives you the opportunity to meet the farmer who grows your food.

About Our Market

A Wealth

of information comes directly from our producers. Put a "Face to Your Food   ". They are the professionals who can tell you everything you ever want to know about why their product is the best.

Market Shopping Tips

Eating Healthy

is easy with farm-fresh ingredients. Watch for our weekly cooking segment coming soon!


Fresh & Delicious

We are the oldest farmers market in Central Texas. With over 30 years of growing and producing quality ingredients.

Visit our event tent to get your punch card. Get a punch every time you visit any one of our markets. Fill it up and trade it in for discounts from your favorite vendors!

Product demos and events

Market Punch Card Program

1. Take a look around the market.

Check out what each vendor has then make notes on which vendors interest you. Then circle back and make your purchases. Save large purchases at the end so you won't have to carry them around while you shop.

2. Keep a cooler in your trunk to keep your purchases cool and fresh while you run errands after you leave the market. 

3. Try Something New
Keep an open mind and ask for samples – your new favorites might surprise you. Vendors are always giving out samples because they know you will love what they are offering!

4. Ask questions. 
While a grocery store worker doesn’t always know where the beef came from, it’s a vendor’s job to know everything about the products he or she sells. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how the food was grown, what pesticides were used, how to store something, or how to prepare a new food you’d like to try. You’ll find that most vendors are more than happy to answer your questions. They know that the more confident you feel about their products, the more likely you will be to head back for more in the future.

5. Make it a family day. 

Bring your kids, pets, and the whole family! Learning about the food and getting to know the producers is the heart of the market! Putting a face to your food is more than a slogan, it is the way we do business at the market. Look for special events (like our Halloween Pet Fest happening on Sat. 10/31/15) where you can have fun while you shop!

6. Spread the Word
Farmers’ markets can’t survive without tons of local support. Remember that the vast majority of vendors are sole proprietors, farmers, and local craftspeople who need your support to survive. Check out your local market, and make sure you don’t keep it a secret. By using word-of-mouth recommendations, you can make sure your favorite market sticks around for years to come.

Nutritional Values

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